Groove Soulutions is a Duo residing in the east of Johannesburg forged by ‘Jerry Mokoena. better known as Jerry Just &; Thapelo Nkuna’ better known as Thap’Soul in the music scene. With different skills and musical knowledge they united and formed Groove Soulutions, both growing from different musical families the pair have increasingly honed their own house sound that, as suited to the dark confines of a club as it is the sunnier vibes of an outdoor terrace.

Groove Soulutions demonstrate a charming disregard for the boundaries of Dance music, and unleash an unparalleled energy behind the decks &; has managed to effortlessly blend the multicultural elements of every groove-based genre under the sun.

With a host of forthcoming releases and collaborating with Bruk Boogie Kru (Switzerland) it can be safely said that there is plenty more to come, pay special attention to this musically inclined convergence. Groove Soulutions venturing to new reaches in their quest to musical harmony.
We’re not trying to change the world; just music
Thap’soul Matimberones

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