Bruk Boogie Kru » (Ruben Estevez, Serhan cetin,Thap soul) A collective of true music lovers, Dj’s and producers pushing the boundaries and sharing sounds from genres such as Broken Beat, Nu Jazz, Funk, Afrobeat, Deep House and Bossa. Heavily influenced by the London dance music and clubbing scene of the last 25 years. The guys discovered their full inspiration after Djing in various spots around the globe such as South & West Africa,Japan, Brazil and through Europe. Having performed as DJ’s in various large events around the world. BBK bring a fresh and vibrant sound and energy out of Lausanne (Switzerland) and London. Full of curiosity and passion they create a new fusion of Afro-futuristic music.

These guys bring a fresh mix of enthusiasm, with no boundaries in their sound which is a melting pot of energetic beats and vibrant culture elements designed to make you dance.

From 1994 ruben was collaborating, participating, organising and playing at various Drum and Bass events till 2000 and Party festivals around the world with many producers and dj’s like: Goldie,die, Dj Marky, Kemistry and Storm , Bailey ect…….
From 2000 he was involved in the Mytique Co-Op party in london  and continued in this way of inspiration  of Broken Beat and Afrofuturistic music!
West london was one of the first energy to push him into making music and Giving life to the  project BrukBoogieKru. 
BBK was born in Switzerland but in the same time from the London travels it was developing in London too, more from the west side of London family , BBK is based in Lausanne Switzerland and Brixton UK, he has participated and organised with Dj Sel (BBK) and played with various artist from this time like::Bugz In The Attic, Phil Asher, Zepherin Saint, Top Rock Jazz Refreshed, Mighty Zaf, Rainer Trüby , Shaun Ashby, Djsoul Provyder, Corrado Bucci, Mark de Clive-lowe, Alex Attias, Osunlade, Simbad, Karizma, Louis Vega, Mad Madts, Lefto, Shuya Okino , Gilles Petterson etc….

The sort out sounds of the BrukBoogieKru has led them being a  booked at the littlest biggest festival , The “Sunsplash Music Festival” in Turkey, having being booked 3 times in a row. Bringing the vibe on the dance floor always, Playing also at the Montreux Jazz festival and Cully Jazz festival as well.

The journey of BrukBoogieKru has been influenced through the years from the travels and music collaborations with artists in South Africa, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico,  Serbia,  Costa Rica to name a few and a lot of amazing projects have been born to bring forth the sound that  BrukBoogieKru is built on and growing on, This then Lead to Music Production with artists from all over the world.

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