BrukBoogieKru » (Ruben Estevez, Fabien Perler, Rade Marinkovic, Serhan Cetin, Patrick Gudel and Iordan Moura)

A collective of true music lovers, Dj’s and producers pushing the boundaries and sharing sounds from genres such as broken beat, nu jazz, funk, afrobeat, deep house and bossa.

Heavily influenced by the London dance music and clubbing scene of the last 20 years. The guys discovered their full inspiration after Djing in various spots around the globe such as South & West Africa, Brazil and through Europe. Having performed as DJ’s in various large events around the world.

BBK bring a fresh and vibrant sound and energy out of Lausanne (Switzerland) and London.

Full of curiosity and passion they create a new fusion of Afro-futuristic music.

These guys bring a fresh mix of enthusiasm, with no boundaries in their sound which is a melting pot of energetic beats and vibrant culture elements designed to make you dance.

2014 BBK proudly presents a new member: Dj Sel


Musically Influenced from his South London background, Brixton blues clubs and strong Turkish connections, early garage raves and big club DJ-ing, DJ SEL loves playing to please a party hungry crowd

A 4 year residency at Bristol’s leading Garage night Cozmo-Politan later led him to playing out in London and around the country with DJs like Phil Asher and The Mighty Zaf further enriching his influences.

2016 BBK presents the new brazilian member: DJ iO


Iordan “iO” Moura, Brazilian, started his venture into the music world as an instrumentalist, finding his passion about DJing in 2002, in the very first contact provided by Hip-Hop culture. iO has an eclectic taste for music. From 16-bit video game soundtracks to 2-Step garage tunes, passing by Drum & Bass and Original Funk, he always brings these roots to the pickups heavily influenced by House and Brazilian music.

Being part of the young electronic music scene in João Pessoa/PB, iO is permanent presence in many events at Empório Café and historic downtown nights, showing up to the crowd new trends about Deep House, BRUK and Nu-Jazz.

iO is also part of the ‘Junto & Mixado’ webradio and FM, with live webcasting every week, producer of ‘danoize’ (BR media). He acts as DJ, bboy, and house dancer of the ‘Gang Gangrena’ collective.

From 2016 iO is the new member of BrukBoogieKru pushing his passion for music and spreading BBK energy in Brazil.